Berber Carpet Beni Ouarain Waves - JA0762022

  • Model:Tapis-Beni-Ouarain-JA762022
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  • Weight:15.00 grams

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The Beni Ouarain Berber carpet is often called the Royal Carpet. It is a hand-knotted Moroccan rug. They are woven by different tribes of the Atlas, belonging to the Beni Ouarain.These rugs are known for their geometric patterns and diamond mesh typical of this weaving technique. There are many imitations of these rugs, with synthetic fibers, but the real Beni Ouarain, are unmatched, for the softness of their wool, and their authentic appearance.This Berber rug is woven in natural, silky sheep's wool, hand washed, and without coloring. The black designs are made from wool from black sheep raised especially for their dark wool. The dark brown lines blend excellently with the creamy white color of natural wool.Beni Ourain rugs are some of the softest and most beautiful rugs you can find. Buy a Beni Ourain rug with the story behind it, to have it on your floor or on your wall: pure happiness, and it is also said to be a lucky charm. such a high-quality carpet becomes a heritage piece that has been handed down over several generations.

Sustainable farmed wool

Wool is a noble natural textile fiber and one of the most widely used materials in the manufacture of rugs. Wool rugs are durable and able to withstand heavy daily use. The wool is fire resistant and the genuine wool pile has the particularity of keeping its shape even after years of use.The wool for your carpet comes from small farms of shepherds (fortunately mass farming does not exist in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains). The sheep are naturally fed with mountain grass, and watered at fixed times so that their wool is silky and generous, which is the particularity of the Beni Ouarain.


  • Tying density: approx. 40,000 knots per square meter
  • Thickness: Approx 30 mm
  • Age: Contemporary, new, made to order
  • Origin: Morocco
  • Material: 100% wool
  • Manufacturing: Hand knotted
  • Dimension: 47x 67 in

Product Specifications

Origin CountryMorocco
RegionLittle Atlas
Composition100% 100% Sheep wool - Organic mountain breeding
Making MethodHandicraft - Handmade - Loom
Thickness1.2 to 1.6 Inch
ColoringColorless - Natural fiber
Shipping FeesFREE
Return Policy365 Days to change your mind

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our berber rugs are unique!

Transform your interior decoration with our beautiful Berber rugs

Are you looking for an original interior decoration? Why not turn to a typical Moroccan style? It will change you from everyday life. In terms of Moroccan decorative object, you will have plenty of choice. No need to go to Morocco to look for them. The authentic Berber Berber carpet is on sale at Tapis-Ethnique. Handmade, this rug will give your living room a very original look..

A work of art that awakens the senses

Walk and feel the softness of fluffy wool, provided by Berber rugs from Tapis Ethnique. It will keep your feet warm, while making you travel through time and space, to find the desert landscapes of authentic Morocco. 

This rug is woven with organic virgin wool

The Berber carpets of Tapis Ethnique are woven with virgin and organic mountain wool. Moroccan mountain wool is rare and known for its quality. It is rare because breeding is still traditional. This is reflected in the quality of the rug, whose wool stands the test of time. 

Weaving according to ancestral techniques

It is really difficult to recognize the difference between a vintage rug over a hundred years old and a more recent Berber rug from Tapis Ethnique. The secret lies in the hand weaving process. It is a weaving on a loom, using an ancestral technique and tools, which have not been impacted by the modernity of industrial processes. The result is an authentic rug, offering natural resistance to fire, stains and noise pollution. 

Why buy a rug from Tapis Ethnique

Buying a Berber carpet from us means having the guarantee of authenticity and originality. Carpet sellers of all kinds are flourishing on the internet, often with poor quality products. We regularly tour the Moroccan mountains, looking for the latest creations. We work with talented weavers, passionate about their work, and who transmit their creativity through geometric or abstract patterns. We also make your carpets to measure, to adapt to your living areas, or bedrooms.
We are a well-known company in the field of craftsmanship for over thirty years. Beware of companies that do not display the legal notices of their company (which is often the case with scams), a Berber carpet is expensive, and it is better to work with a reliable seller. 

How are weavers paid?

We work with handpicked weavers, known for their know-how and their creativity. These weavers are organized into village associations. We work with these weavers on a sustainable development basis, with remuneration above the market average, to guarantee them an income proportional to their efforts. Our actions aim to maintain this manual activity, and to encourage weaving associations to continue to exist by guaranteeing them satisfactory remuneration. In addition, we reinvest part of our profits in the development of the rural communities of weavers, by participating in the construction of schools, grocery stores and other essential brands, to enable them to continue to exercise the profession of carpet weaving in all serenity.